Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Namaste - 9 stylish products for the Yoga Studio.

I will be honest - the closest I have come to doing yoga is watching a very limber 90 year old women bend like a pretzel on public access TV. (At least I think she was 90. I was drunk, it was 4:00 am and I can’t be entirely sure.) . I am much more a hiking, long walk, swimming kind of girl – and those yoga people seem to be doing things with their bodies that would make my un-limber limbs cry.

However, due to the incessant prodding by a yoga loving friend (Hi, Jennifer) and a really great offer from – I am now the proud owner of six yoga sessions.

Since, I figure I am going to die during the first class, I thought - why not go out with some cool new gear.

Wish me luck and if Lulu goes silent after next Monday, try to remember me fondly. 

1. Lilypad Lotus Mobility Pant by Be Present - $81; 2. Orchid Mat by Wai Lana Yoga - $29.95; 3. Happiness is Yoga tank by OmGirl at Evolve Fit Wear - $42; 4. The Hot Yoga Collection by Kulae - $68; 5. Quan Yin Goddess Tee by Third Eye Threads - $58; 6. Windy Tree Yoga Pants by Ahpeele - $54; 7. Ultra Big Tote by Hugger Mugger - $54.95; 8. Spring Green Yoga Headband by BresValley - $20; 9. Bliss Yoga Mat Spray by Rebel Green - $7.99

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  1. Great picks! I aspire to yoga but I'm just no good at it : (

  2. you will love yoga, it is such a stress reliever! i actually haven't gone in a really long time.... i think i need to get back on the yoga horse!


  3. I once heard that yoga was 90 min. of trying not to fart... I'll stick to running!
    BEST of luck (no beans, veggie's or lentils for the month before class!)

  4. Haha. I'm sure you'll be fine. I tried yoga a couple times over the years--I was looking for something as a replacement for ballet after I quit dancing--and yoga is just not for me. I thought it would be more relaxing or stretching or something, but it wasn't. In reality, it was people making weird noises, and it caused some lower back problems for me as well. But I'm sure you will love it;)

  5. Have fun, Lulu! You'll be doing that pose in #6 in no time. ;) I've been wanting to try yoga for a long time, just to learn to stretch and breathe for stress relief, but I've been putting it off. Let us know how you make out!


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