Friday, May 20, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 5/20

Lately the urge to go is strong in me. To go where, I don’t know – but to be somewhere other. To be on the road, to be traveling, to be exploring new places I will never forget. I am longing for new views, new waters…. Just new. The world is so big, so vast and my cube seems so small right now.

Ahhhh, but the weekend is almost here – and who knows what the next two days can hold.

Have a great weekend. I hope it brings you adventure!

Food Fuel Motel by Robert Cadloff - $30

Calm Waters Remixed Vintage Train Case by Judy the Jazzcat  - $70

Off to see the world by Three Red Apples  - $38.50

Life is a daring adventure print by Happy Deliveries  - $20

Vintage Railroad Car Coasters by Cheltenham Road - $16
All images courtesy of their respective owners.


  1. So funny that you mention a weekend of adventure, because tomorrow the Hubs and I are going to watch his grandma drive a racecar. Somebody got her a package for Christmas, and tomorrow she'll be on the track.

  2. Great choices! The urge to travel is strong this time of year - spring fever!

  3. Great picks--I love that suitcase!

  4. Lots of great stuff here! I know that feeling well.

  5. monday-friday will definitely bring out the wanderlust in me! lovely little finds - have a nice weekend as well :)


  6. Suuuuper cute blog! Following from Etsy blogging team!
    Hope you check mine out too!

  7. life is either a daring adventure or nothing, haha amen to that. Thank you for the follow :)

    Priscilla & vi

  8. i love this post...fits my mood of the moment and i pinned the vw on pinterest just now ;-)


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