Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 5/27

Happy Friday everyone!

Some weeks the Friday Five has a definite theme (beauty, travel, brunettes) and some days the theme is “ohhhhhhh – pretty – I totally want that.” That is what is going on this week.

Like this amazing bracelet by Mad River Designs. How pretty is this? I love the juxtaposition of rugged and delicate, in the leather and natural stones. And the color palette is my new favorite for the summer, the colors of sky and water.

Triple Wrap Turquoise, Adventurine and Faceted Prehnite on Leather by Mad River Designs  - $66

This is my favorite time of year to have guests over for dinner.  We have a big table in our garden, and we love to eat al fresco.  I can just see this lovely serving bowl by Susan Rodriguez being passed around the table, heaped full of fresh Jersey corn on the cob, or a nice green salad.   Rodriquez’s store is full of wonderful pieces, but for me, the sgraffito floral design makes this a stand out piece.

Made to Order----Large Ceramic Blossom Bowl by CeramicaBontanica - $98

I have had this piece pinned on Pinterest for a while now (btw, how addicting is that site?) and it gets re-pined all the time.  No wonder, it is such a great image.  Claire Cimbora’s illustrations are all widely imaginative and fun, seemly set in a dream world where a little girl can cuddle with Pandas and Elephants can rock a tightrope.  Her work would be perfect for a kids room, but would not be at all out of place on a gallery wall.

Stars in Jars by Schmooks - $29

Love stories and typewriters are two of my absolute favorite things.   No wonder this brooch by Tilly Bloom caught my eye so quickly.   Her jewelry designs are so original and quirky; you really have to take the time to browse her shop.  Each piece is a wearable piece of art and a total conversation starter.

How to write a love story brooch by Tilly Bloom  - $17

Now that my daughter is out of the “I am going to spread hazardous waste on the couch” stage of life, we are looking to purchase a new couch. I like the idea of a neutral couch with piles of funky pillows and this one by Alexandra Ferguson is high on my list. All of her pillows are fun and irreverent, and would give some pop to any living space.

Be Nice or Leave Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson - $89

All images courtesy of their respective owners


  1. Nice picks. I like the pillow the best but they are all good.

  2. oh goodness how I love that elephant print!

  3. That elephant print is AMAZING! so whimsical and sweet- i would totally hang that in my daughters room


  4. I love that bracelet SO much... but I LOVE that pillow more! :)

  5. Great picks as always. I recently joined pinterest too. I resisted for like a year because I thought I really didn't need another thing on the internet to distract me from work, but I finally decided it was worth it to have a place to bookmark and share all the pretty things I come across. I'll just have to use some willpower not to spend all of my free time there:)

  6. I have a bracelet from Mad River! I'm wearing it right now, they are even more incredible in person :-)

  7. wow!your picks are simply gorgeous! i love schmooks and this elephant print is just too cute!

  8. LOVE them all!! Especially that brooch! And that pillow! I might need to get that as a reminder for my daughters :D

  9. Awesome finds, especially the serving bowl!

  10. We're sharing the same wave length: the colors of sky and water are my current obsession!

  11. My God that ceramic bowl is simply awesome! I would love to own it. And the rings, ah, they are so funny!

  12. Love that cushion! I sometimes feel like saying that to guests in my home.. maybe my decor could say it for me, hah


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