Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 Stand Out Stores on Big Cartel

I was in a forum the other day where some crafters were discussing the merits of having an Etsy store or having a store with Big Cartel. I hadn’t been over to Big Cartel in a while, so I stopped over to check it out again.

I will be honest, since it is a different animal than Etsy or Supermarket (Big Cartel gives artists the ability to set up their own stores that usually links off their independent website), I am not really fond of their browsing options. When browsing, you see a store banner rather than actual shop items, so hopping in and out of shops can be cumbersome. 

But, worth it. There are some really talented artists and clothing designers using Big Cartel and it is possible to stumble across a new,exciting discovery.

I did a little bit of poking last night and found some things I really liked. Here are 14 of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite Big Cartel store?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.

1. Letterpress Greeting Card Complete 20 Pack by Bespoke Press - $90; 2. Congratulations Card by Old Tom Foolery - $3.75; 3. Hello Fox card by Sycamore Street Press - $4.50; 4. Bloom by Wolfie + the Sneak - $20; 5.Abby's Dream by Growling Fish Studio - $30; 6. L'amour or Less by Cuddly Rigor Mortis - $85; 7. Tarrah Headband by Sara Laurence - $45; 8. Gone Astray Wallet Case by Kelly Vivanco - $36;     9. Serina Dia de los Muertos Postcard by Unconventional Ida - $2.25; 10. Lacy by Cate Rangel - $35; 11. Frolic linen tea towel by Indobay Inc. - $26; 12. Linen Bucket by Inklore - $38; 13. Partridge Family Beeswax Candles by Chicago Honey Co-op - $18; Orissa Linen Cover by Be Still Homewares - $78

All photos courtesy of their respective owners


  1. Hi

    Never knew about Big Cartel - looks interesting, but not sure I need yet another shop to maintain, focusing on Etsy is hard enough : )

    May be something for the future!

  2. Wow you found some fantastic stuff! I contemplated opening a Big Cartel shop in the beginning, but decided against it because I liked the community of Etsy and thought it would make more sense while I'm still growing to have one shop to direct people to. I've also seen other Etsy sellers open Big Cartel shops and then close them later...I haven't asked them why, but I suspect that it adds significantly to your workload to maintain another shop and they weren't seeing it pay off in increased sales...but I could be wrong.

  3. Thank you for sharing us in your feature Lulu! We are so grateful! Keep up the amazing work; we love all your beautiful finds!

    Sara Laurence

  4. i just found out about big cartel because one of the bloggers i follow switched over to it from etsy. i don't really know much to be honest, but i am thinking of exploring it a bit after seeing all your lovely finds!


  5. i have to admit i have never looked at Big cartel before. will have to go browse.

  6. i love the personalized look of big cartel shops so much! but it's hard to browse and i feel like it doesn't have the community and promotional opportunities available on etsy.

    love these finds ;)

  7. Seems like I am hearing more and more about Big Cartel! I read this reeeeally interesting article about a very successful seller who moved from Etsy to Big Cartel:
    Personally, I love being with Etsy, but I can also understand the points she made about benefits with Big Cartel once you have your own following.

  8. Aw... L'Amour or Less is precious!

    I haven't done the jump to Big Cartel or any other online venue outside Etsy for that same reason: maintaining one store takes plenty of work already!

  9. Thank you for sharing about Big Cartel.

  10. Thanks for including us in your list. We actually have both a Big Cartel shop and an Etsy shop. They each seem to have different audiences. Big Cartel is local and Etsy is from other states. I'm also experimenting with replacing Big Cartel with Ecwid which is a free embedable shopping cart (google for info).

  11. I do have a Bigcartel store, as well as an Etsy store. I've just started, so I can only have 5 items though! Great choices. If you want to check it out, here you go:


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