Wednesday, May 18, 2011

14 pieces we are coveting from Buy Olympia.

I stumbled across Buy Olympia in an totally random way.  I had a lyric stuck in my head for a week, from a song that an ex-boyfriend used to play all the time. While using my google-fu to figure out the song was “Olympia, WA” by Rancid, I found the awesome site, Buy Olympia.

Buy Olympia was started by four friends in 1999, as a vehicle to help their artist friends sell their handmade items online. It has grown to become a go-to site for quality indie products and music, carrying wares from people like David Eggers, Nikki McClure and Emily Winfield Martin and from record labels like Kill Rock Stars, Black Yo-Yo Records and Anonymous Monk.

No matter what you are shopping for, from books to belt buckles, be sure to swing by Buy Olympia. You will be glad you did.  They have a ton of diverse products lines from some really amazing artists.

I did a little browsing last night and found 14 great items I am adding to my “need to buy list.”

1. Sexy Librarian Pattern by Sublime Stitching - $5; 2. Kill Rock Stars Tee - $15; 3. Cassette Tape Pint Glass by Bread and Badger - $12; 4. The Wife of Bath Soap - Arcana Soaps - $7; 5. Floating Shift Necklace by The Weekend Store - $36; 6. Otter Print (5*7) by Ryan Berkley - $10; 7. Bring a Snack postcard by Trish Grantham - $1.20; 8. Teach by Heidi Hopfer - $18; 9. Periscope Notebook by Tenth and Grant - $9.50; 10. Vintage Camera Photo Album by Galison - $10; 11. Handbag by Puckish - $68; 12. Crafty Lady by Sarah Utter - $14.95; 13. Peahoodie by Abigail Adams - $60 (on sale); 14. This is Venice (illustrated children's travel book from the 60's) by M. Sasek - $16.95

All images courtesy of their respective owners.


  1. What a great find! I will certainly be checking them out! :)

  2. Very cool stuff! Will definitely check it out:)

  3. I have several buttons by Ryan Berkley, I love their stuff!

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  5. great finds!
    i''ll definately have to check that site out


  6. what a great website! funny how the internet can lead you to stumble across amazing things when you aren't even looking!


  7. Wow, thanks for this find, will be checking it out:):)

  8. I'm a big fan of those Berkley illustrations.

  9. Thanks! I've never heard of them but am off to check them out!!

  10. LOVE Berkley Illustration. Anything with animals doing human-like things. :) Super cool to find out about Buy Olympia too!


  11. I totally love that Kill Rock Stars shirt. Just reading the name of that record label takes me back to my teenage years listening to Bikini Kill and lots of other Washington bands. Great find!


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