Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Diner Melamine Tableware by Bob's Your Uncle

There was a diner about an hour from me that I absolutely loved. Not that the food was really that great (I learned the hard way to avoid the Tuna Melt at all cost), but because it hadn't been touched since 1958. It had the same red vinyl booths, the same chipped Formica tables, and the same beat up sign hanging out front with missing bulbs. I think even the same bleach blond waitress was still there from opening day (she was straight out of central casting). It was a left over from a different era and I loved it. So you can imagine my dismay when the last time I took the drive out, and saw it was completely demolished and that a fast food joint was being built on the site. 

Martin and Michele Yeeles over at Bob’s Your Uncle, seem love vintage diners as much as I do.  Through Martin's photography, they have captured some iconic diner images on great line of melamine tableware.

Diner Plate Set (4) - $40

Signs Plate Set (4) - $40

In and Out Tray Set - $20

Wash soap dish - $10

There is also a kid's matching game, kitchen towels and letter press coasters featuring  Martin's photographic homage to diners.

Bob's your Uncle also carries a great line of journals, stationary and day planners. 

All images courtesy of Bob's Your Uncle

Friday, February 25, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 2/26

I can't believe it is Friday again.  This week flew by at such a fast pace.  I hope you like today's round-up, I had fun with it.

I am in love with Madewithlovebyhannah's creations.  Not only are they colorful and totally eye-catching, but she sized them up to a 3x, so curvy girls can get in on the fun too.  Hannah screen-prints her folksy designs herself, and also has some adorable tee-shirts.   I warn you now – once you go into her store, you will have trouble picking just one item to get.  At least, I did.

I will confess, I have a mouth like a trucker.  I read all the time and have an extensive vocabulary, but often, I end up sounding like Lenny Bruce.  I don’t know if I can blame my construction worker father (Hi Dad) or growing up watching Kevin Smith movies, but yeah – I can run a bit blue.   Which is why I adore the spunky bespectacled Penelope on this magnet by Simplycutebykarin – I can totally relate.  Plus – she is just f****ng cute.

These vintage pop art tumblers at Corrnucopia are almost too cute to drink from. I can picture using them as vases with brightly color tulips, or hanging on out a kitchen ledge bring a bright pop of color.  If you are going to use them to drink – I think they will accept no less then neon colored orange soda…or grape…or maybe some cherry Kool-aid.  Now I am thirsty.

Vintage Pop Art Mod Flower Tumbler Glasses from Corrnucopia - $24

Today seems to be all about color, and I am in love with the bright green of these dipping bowls by Hope Johnson.  Use them for olive oil, or nuts or any little nibble you want to put out.  Just be prepared for your guests to be licking the plate clean to get a better look at the great design. 

Dipping dish - ginkgo in chartreuse (listing is for one plate) by Hopejohnson - $24

I lose my keys.  I wouldn't say everyday - but once we found them in the freezer.  Yeah - so that is why I am really digging these key/accessory hangers from Thejarcollection.  They are a stylish way to keep organized and I know for me, will save me from many "Well - where did you leave them" conversations with my husband.

*** Katie at the Jar Collection emailed me about a special deal.  They will be offering a 15% discount on ALL purchases this month. Buyers just need to enter coupon code FEB15 at checkout. ***

Set of 2 Jewelry / Accessory Hangers by thejarcollection - $24

All images courtesy of their respective owners

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skeem Silk Screened Candles

It seems like such a waste.  You buy a candle because you love the scent, but are usually left with a plain white glass container that has zero style.  It just sits there - like a blank canvas, boring. Sure, any candle can smell good, but wouldn't it be a treat to have a candle look as great as it smells?

Well - let me introduce you to Skeem Candles.

New Skeem Half Pints (Midnight Orchid, Tea Leaf, White Lotus, Grapefruit Zest)- $14

Graphic designer Geoff Weiser and former retail buyer, Suji Meswani, are the co-owners of Skeem Candles. Prior to launching the Skeem brand in 2004, this Philadelphia based husband and wife team, did more than a year of research and development to perfect the wax formulation, develop the scents and colors and, of course, create the candles themselves.

Skeem recently introduced three new scents in their Pillar line; Flower Market (fresh cut Jasmine and Rose, with fruit and cedar), Green Tomato Vine (Vines in the warm sun) and Single Malt (Peat and Smoke). 

Flower Market - $23

Green Tomato Vine - $23

Single Malt  - $23
 What is so wonderful about Skeem's candles (aside from the scents, which are complex and lovely without being overpowering) is the fact that the containers are so beautifully designed and reusable. Each glass jar is silk-screened and topped with a printed metal lid with images inspired by vintage fabrics and wallpaper patterns.

Once the candle is burnt ( pillars average 90 hours), just remove the wax and you have a luxe vase. Or drinking glass. Or change holder - the possibilies are endless.

Skeem also offers three-wick candles, matches and compacts.
All images courtesy of Skeem Candles

Friday, February 18, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 2/18

These airy earrings from Taylorseclectic remind me of laying on the grass and staring up at the perfect summer sky.  While on first glance, they appear to be glass, they are actually made of paper.  But don't worry about having to be extra careful with wear and tear - due to the artist's crafting methods, these will wear like normal earrings.

Nebulous Earrings by Tayloreclectic - $24

If you take a more organized approach to your gardening then the throw seeds on the ground and see what takes hold method, these plant markers made from vintage silver plated spoons can add elegance while delineating.  Owner, Kerrie Balma, allows for customization - pick the herbs to match what is planted in your garden. 

Vintage Silverware Garden Marker set by Wooden Hive - $24

My little girl turned three last week and she has been obsessed with bunnies since she was about 6 months old.  While looking for a print for her new "Big Girl" rabbit-themed bedroom, I found this piece by Emily Martin (Black Apple).  It reminds me so much of Bella, it is uncanny.

Two of a Kind (8*10 Print ) by The Black Apple - $16

I am getting so tired of sweaters and layers and bundling up.  I want to wear something flirty and feminine and you can't get much more feminine then this Chiffon Marie Antoinette Dress from River of Romansk.  Everything about this dress is lovely and it should be living in my closet.

Marie Antoinette Dress (fits sizes 2-10) by River of Romansk - $44.80

 Beer and Antique Cameras are two of my favorite things. And won't they come together nicely with these screen printed pint glasses by Vital?

Set of two screen printed Pint glasses by Vital - $20

All images courtesy of their respective owners.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have a Punk Rock Cuppa

Last night after work, my three-year old daughter and my husband had their nightly dance party in our office while I worked on today's entry.   Somehow, their dancing to The Clash (for a three-year old, she has good musical taste), lead me to Make International and their awesome Punk Rock Range of mugs.

The mugs, designed by Keith Brymer Jones, feature clever takes on well-known  lyrics by bands like the Sex Pistols, The Clash and Nirvana.  And of course, what Punk would be complete without the iconic safety pin?

So, while you may spend your Saturday nights curled up on the couch with a cuppa, watching  Law and Order instead of clubbing, you can still claim to be just a little bit Punk Rock.

My google-fu might be broken today, but I can't seem to find a store that carries these in the States.  But, fear not, you can order directly from Make International.  The mugs start at £12.25, which is about $20.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Momma's got a brand new (lunch) bag.

 It is happening at lunch rooms all over this planet. People are standing in front of large refrigerators trying to find their lunch, lost in a sea of anonymous plastic grocery store bags. You dig and you poke, all the while getting the evil eye from Earl in accounting, who will take you down hard if you dare touch his cream cheese and onion sandwich (as if, Earl, as if).

Why don’t you ditch the plastic bags (and do a big solid for the environment - Americans throw away almost 100 billion plastic bags every year, and only 1 percent to 3 percent are ever recycled) and make sure your lunch stands out in the crowd with one of these great reusable lunch bags.

Rebel Green believes strongly in good enviromental practices and judging by their spunky line of lunch totes, good design practices as well. 

Rebel Green "Bad Habit" lunch tote - $24

So Young Mother has a great selection of stylish lunch totes, but the Vespa caught my eye right away.

Insulated Cooler Bag by So Young Mom - $27.95

If you are like me and always leave your lunch sitting on the counter - this canvas bag from Miss Natalie is a no brainer.  Now if it would only remind me where I left the car keys.

"Don't forget me" Canvas lunch bag by MissNatalie - $17

Give your lunch a retro feel with All-Pop's Oilcloth lunch bags.  They offer four or five great print choices, but we couldn't keep away from the Strawberry.

All-Pop's Oilcloth Lunch Sack - $10

If your lunch bag declares itself as yummy, does that mean your leftovers taste better?  Who cares - at least with this Blue Q Yum Sandwich bag, your coworkers will think so.

Yum Sandwich by Blue Q - $9.99

All images courtesy of their respective owners

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pacifica Perfume Contest

Drumroll please......Lulu Grey is proud to announce the winners of the Pacifica Perfume Contest.

Congrats to Renee Klein, Christy Noe, Angela Mitchell and Janice McClure Schroeder. We know you will love the perfume as much as we did! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Etsy Friday Five

Doing research for this blog, I have been roaming all over the Internet. I end up on Etsy a lot because it truly is a wonderful source to find Indie designers and artists. I love the idea of a global marketplace for them and feel strongly about supporting artists directly.

So, every Friday, Lulu Grey is going to have an Esty Friday Five. Just five things I found that make me smile.

These did today...Illustrator Sophie Blackall finds inspiration in online "Missed Connection" ads and uses them as a basis for her witty artwork.

Burlap Pillows take on a certain Joie de vivre, over at Jolie Marche, when dressed up in fine vintage prints. Your couch will be so jealous.

I love the idea of a love note lasting forever. Rachel Hunnicutt at Cornflower Blue Studios can help ensure this with her hand embroidered notepaper note. She will personalize it for you, so your message can live on. 

Personalized Hand Embroidered Notebook Paper Note by Cornflower Blue Studio - $20

I have just the place in my home for this cunning little wall vase from Rick and Liz over at Old New Again. It comes in a wide range of colors, but I am fond of the navy.  Toss in your keys, a candle or a bloom from the garden, it will all look great.

Wood Cottage Vase by Old New Again - $20

You know Elizabeth Bennet would ditch the corset in a heartbeat  and slip into this delightful tee-shirt if she could.  Brooke, over at Brookish, had a great line of Austen inspired items that are all together clever and not a bit insipid. Mr. Darcy would approve.

Pemberley scoop neck tshirt by Brookish - $22

All images courtesy of their respective owners

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fringe Studio Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

I love this time of year. Not the weather, or the endless grey skies, but the fact that my favorite brands are starting to preview their Spring/Summer ’11 lines at tradeshows all over the country. I was so excited to get to see some of the wonderful things Fringe Studios will be introducing soon.

Fringe Studios has always been a favorite of mine – they transfer vintage and botanical images onto glass to create uniquely beautiful vases, candles, trays and coasters. The resulting pieces are both sumptuous and yet surprisingly affordable.

The Spring/Summer products will be available in a few weeks, but for now – you can head over to and browse a wide selection of great items currently in stock.

All images courtesy of Fringe Studios

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