Monday, May 2, 2011

Fab and Fair Trade Clothing from Mata Traders

I stumbled across Mata Traders Spring/Summer 2011 catalog this winter, and fell in love with their clothing.  I wanted to order right away, but had to wait until the new line went live on their site.   I was so happy when I stopped over a few days ago and saw that the Spring line is now available.

Lakeshore Dress - $62
 Aside from having really fun, bohemian and affordable clothing and accessories, just perfect for summer, Mata (meaning Mother in Hindi) is also a fair trade company. Their designs are all hand-crafted by women’s cooperative and artisan groups in India and Nepal, and these women are paid a fair wage and they often work from home or in small workshops. So often, workers in poorer countries are forced to work in horrible conditions, but Mata Traders believes strongly in giving women an opportunity to help support their families in a safe and friendly environment.

Gold Coast Dress - $78
Ravinia Top - $42
 I love the use of patterns in these pieces, and I found out that they are hand block- printed by the women of Mata Traders. 
Pocket Skirt - $48

Skylark Skirt - $54

All image courtesy of Mata Traders


  1. I've never heard of this site; thanks for the intro. I love the colors and patterns. Will definitely have to check out:)

  2. This stuff is so much cuter than the other fair trade clothing company I've heard of (Fair Indigo). Great find! I'm bookmarking these...

  3. LOVE the print, color and cut of the top dress (the red one). I like how it mixes a vintage look (cap sleeves, buttons, cute print) with a boho look (tiered bottom, flowing fabric). So pretty!


  4. Oh my gosh, those are just my style! *off to click link!*

    Great finds!

  5. Fair trade is so important! Love the blue top!

  6. very cute! I love the red and white dress and the blue top.


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