Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow...'till Sept

24 hours.

You would think that would be enough hours in the day to fit everything in? But, sadly - no. Apparently having an hour commute, a full time job that just hit a very busy time, a husband, a 3-year old daughter, a tiny-teeny bit of social life… and blog is a little bit too much to fit into 24 hours. My candle burns at both it’s ends and damn, burnt fingers hurt.

So, Lulu is going to be going on a bit of an extended holiday – just for the summer. I am looking forward to returning in the fall with a fresh take and fab new finds for us all.

Thank you to all the artists and designers that we have featured. Your beautiful and inspired works have made Lulu a hit.

And a HUGE Thank you very much to my readers and followers. Your comments and emails have made this project so much more fun.

Have a great summer – see you when the leaves fall.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 6/3

I love Etsy for a lot of reasons; but by and large , my favorite thing is discovering new (to me) artists. Painters, Illustrators, Photographers – Etsy is a seemingly never-ending treasure trove of innovative talent. My walls (and my wallet) can testify that I can always find a new print, a new canvas to purchase.

This week, I found a few more artists for my must-have list.

Susana Parada of Parada Creations has a store full of whimsically delightful prints.  I really like how she treats the feel-good sayings so often featured in her work.  Her font choices are fresh and unique and really make the prints pop.  She has a lot of variety in her store, so I am sure you will find something you love.
Life is a beautiful ride by Parada Creations  - $19

I just adore J.C. Spock’s take on mixed-media. Her pieces are feminine and heartfelt without being schmaltzy. They are beautifully layered and complicated, much like we all are. Her work crosses over easily into note cards, journals and postcards – all available in the store.
Hopeful Girl by JC Spock  - $17.50

There is something provocative and tantalizing in the woman’s eyes in this piece by Claire Mojher.  Like she is just daring you to be shocked by her.  I love it.  All of  Mojher’s work has this same sense of story and drama.   Her pieces leave you wondering about the subject's back story.  So intriguing. 
Eliminating Rivals by Clair Mojher  - $20

Elle Moss is going to get me in trouble with my husband.  I have already bookmarked several of her pieces and forwarded to him as future purchases.  This particular piece really caught my eye.  I love the fluidity and the almost surreal serenity of it.  It is no wonder her work is used often by fashion magazines – it is so beautiful composed and her lighting is wonderful.  She has fast become one of my favorite photographers.
Dive by Elle Moss - $15

You may have seen the work of Maia Chavez Larkin in a gallery or your favorite magazine before. She is a well-known children’s fashion illustrator and her work has been published all over the globe. Her work is still intimate and personal, though and I was totally drawn in by this piece. All of her work has an incredible level of detail and craftsmanship that really denotes Chavez Larkin as a master of her field.

Anouk on a Cold Day by The Voyagers  - $25

All images courtesy of their respective owners

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Classic Hardware - Eclectic Accessories with Vintage Attitude

I was in line at the deli the other day and the woman next to me had the cutest vintage tattoo ring. Of course, I had to ask her where she got it, and that is how I found out about Classic Hardware and their awesomely fun line of accessories and cases.

Designer Karyn Cantor’s quirky and eclectic tastes have come together brilliantly in these pieces that borrow inspiration from such varied sources as 1950’s pulp novels, vintage tattoos, fairytales and dia de los muertos.

Classic Hardware also works in collaboration with such talented Indie artists such as Kelly Haigh and Caia Koopman.

The site offers SO much more then just rings, but they have totally captured my fancy today.  Do yourself a favor and head on over to check out their other products.

Swallow Ring - $18
Chickie Ring - $22

Forever Ring - $18

Saint Ring - $22

Left for Dead Ring - $22

Sacred Heart Ring - $20

All images courtesy of Classic Hardware
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