Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Half awake by Erin Tyner

I recently saw these pieces by photographer Erin Tyner and was so struck by them.  They have a surreal and slightly ominous feeling. Each scene could be a still from a suspense movie.  I love how she plays with mood and proportion.

Erin describes the series this way "In my Half Awake series I construct scenes by combining household items, natural objects, and train figures under one inch in height. By pairing figures and context I create characters that are engaged with an unfolding narrative."

Prints start at $25.
Shop here. Website here. Blog here.

All images courtesy of Erin Tyner


  1. those are very interesting & very beautiful, what a great find! the shop is just lovely

  2. Those are fun - the second one is my favorite!

  3. Beautiful but slightly ominous, like you've stated. My favorite one is the last one, and another one on her website with the tornado. So creative. Thanks for sharing about this fabulous photographer!

  4. These are great! Very cinematic.


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