Friday, April 1, 2011

Lulu's Etsy Friday Five - 4/1

Friday again.  It is our favorite day over here at Lulu, because we get to show you the great things we found on Etsy this week.  We had to skip last week due to illness, so it is great to get back in the swing!

Peggy Wolf's work is filled with mysterious, beautiful women who captive at first glance. Working out of London, she combines her training as a fashion designer and her talents as an Illustrator to create pieces that are both edgy and softly feminine
Daeumelinchen (8x10) by Peggy Wolf Designs - $20

Give your morning latte a wake-up call with a dash of design and color.  These vintage coffee cups and saucers are just the thing.  

Vintage Coffee Cups and Saucers (6) at Open Door Studio - $52

Catch every one's eye when you accessorize with this dramatic black lace necklace from Stitch from the Heart.  Dress up a white tee shirt, or add drama to a little black dress - either way, this necklace adds instant wow.

Magnolia Black Lace Necklace from Stich from the Heart - $30

Yellena James has created a sumptuous fantasy of a  garden using pen, ink and markers.  In her words, "Within each piece I try to create an intimate world that possesses its own ethos and its own emotional range."  It must be working, her designs has been used by Anthropologie and Nike.

Morning by Yellena James - $20

Sometimes simple, organic shapes are the most beautiful.  A great example of this philosophy are these lovely stoneware votives by Sara Paloma.   

Bone votive by Sara Paloma - $40

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All images are courtesy of their owners.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature!

  2. I love the votives and that Yellena James illustration! Your Friday Five session is always so juicy. :)

  3. I love Peggy Wolf and Sara Paloma too! All great picks here. Glad you are feeling better:)

  4. Cute finds! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Holy cow - I am absolutely LOVING Peggy Wolf. Thank you so much for sharing her work with us - pretty sure I'm going to have to buy a print when I move!!!

    - Lindsay


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