Monday, March 14, 2011

Chic Storage with the Macbeth Collection

   It is spring cleaning time over at my house. Every year at this time, I get the urge to nest and reorganize my stuff, and I have so much stuff. Jewelry,books,shoes, body lotions, photography, gardening supplies… the list goes on and I live in a very small house with a husband and a 3-year old. Needless to say, organization is key here. Too often, I feel overwhelmed and just go to Lowes, buy a bunch of clear plastic containers and throw everything into the attic.

 Not this year. This year, I am ditching the plastic bins and am going with something with a lot more style.

 I found the Macbeth Collection a few years ago while working at the magazine. We used some of their buckets for a Summer picnic photo shoot and ever since, I have lusted after them. Macbeth has buckets, bins, boxes, tubs…and with over 200 patterns to pick from, there is something for every decor and every organizational project.

Also, if you sign up for their VIP email newsletter – you can receive a coupon for $25 off a $100 purchase.

All images courtesy of The Macbeth Collection


  1. Okay, those are awesome. And over 200 patterns makes it even better!

  2. These paterns are so fun! It would be hard to choose between them.

  3. Those are GORGEOUS. I want to try to modge podge some garden containers in this kind of style, this year. I love them!

  4. Super wonderful!! There is no way I can choose a pattern! They are all great.

  5. Very cute! I also am constantly searching for storage options because we live in a tiny apartment, and I have lots of art supplies and books. Despite my best efforts at visiting the good will on a regular basis, there's just too much stuff we need in too small a space. It helps tremendously if the bins holding your junk are pretty!

  6. it is so hard to find cute storage options... these are perfect!


  7. These are gorgeous! The patterns are magical and I love the cheery colors. I'm always much more motivated to organize when I have pretty things to work with. :) Definitely going to check out their website!

    Bubby & Bean

  8. There are beautiful! I love your blog, which is why I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger award. To read more about what it is, and if you'd like to participate, go here: :)

  9. I absolutely LOVE these. The patterns remind me very much of the Dabney Lee at Home line, of which I'm also a huge fan.


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