Friday, March 11, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 3/11

Today is a big day over here at Lulu.  One of my best friends is getting married today and considering I have known the fellow since he was in diapers, I am beyond elated! Congrats, Jason!

Enough gushing - on to today's Etsy Friday Five.

Lulu hasn't really covered many things for kids so far.  There are a few reasons for that, but the main one is that I have zero impulse control when it comes to buying adorable things for my kiddo.  If I wrote about kid's stuff frequently, I would be living under a bridge within a year. 

However, I happened to meet the next two artists last weekend at the Germantown Friends School craft fair, and since they are a) extremely talented women with great product and b) local (Lulu is based out of Philadelphia) - I had to cover them.
The first artist that I saw at the Germantown Crafts show was Jahje from Baby Jives.  Jahje makes the most beautiful nature-inspired fabric mobiles.  They are airy and whimsical and would be the perfect finishing touch to any nursery or kid's room.  I especially love the butterfly one below.  She takes custom orders too, if you are looking for a particular theme or color scheme.  And a big congrats to Jahje, my Feb issue of Bust magazine arrived yesterday and she is featured!

Butterfly ballet - handmade fabric mobile by Babyjives - $94

The other Etsian (is that really a word?) was Julia from EIEIO.  She has a great line of little girl clothing that is fun and functional.  Her designs are excellently crafted and her fabric choices are uber playful.  What I loved about her roundabout dresses, is they are they are reversible!  I saw some great items at the show and I think it must have been a good show for her, because her Etsy store is a bit light right now.  I would bookmark it for sure and check back for her adorable line of Twirly skirts, which are a great spring staple. You will be glad you did.

Modern Home Reversible Roundabout by EIEIO - $35

I am a scent junkie.  I am always excited to find new scents and the ones over at Forstrangewomen sound intriguing, complex blends with notes like Violet, Blood Orange, Vanilla Bourbon, Honeysuckle and Jasmine.  I know a  lot of people are hesitant to buy scent online because they don't want to invest a ton of money on something they haven't smelled yet.  Jill thought of that and is offering sample vials of her most popular scents (Cleopatra, Jaded, Sweet Androgyny, Astral Projection, Moss and Ivy, Vision Quest, Winter Kitty, and Decadence & Debauchery) in this trial kit, along with a natural fixative balm to extend the life of your scent.

Deluxe Mini Perfume sampler by Forstrangewomen - $30

The girlie gardener in me squealed when I saw these totally sweet Cherry Blossom hair pins over at Woodland Belle.  Mai's  store has so many great items (her succulent rings are so clever) but it is the hair twigs that I just adore.  They are the perfect way to introduce just a tiny bit of spring to any outfit. 

Cherry Blossom Tiny Twig Hair Pins by WoodlandBelle - $29.50

This trio of girls by Theaterclouds had me staring at my computer for more than a few minutes. The use of light, depth and reflection create such a layered mysterious piece. All of Elly's works are like that - tiny complex worlds unto themselves. I am warning you, if you click over to her store, do it when you have some time to spend. Her pieces will draw you in and you won't be able to click away.

All images are courtesy of their respective owners


  1. These are amazing finds, I look forward to each new post!

  2. What great company - these are some of my favorite shops on Etsy. Thanks for featuring my mobiles!

  3. Thanks for featuring eieio! You're right - I came close to selling out at the Craft Show but am restocking my etsy shop as fast as I can. Thanks so much for highlighting my work!

  4. Fantastic finds! I love theaterclouds shop.

  5. The Cherry Blossom Hair Pins are adorable!

  6. These are all fabulous!
    I've already seen theatreclouds' shop and love her stuff, but the rest are revelations!
    Those kids mobile and dresses are wonderful and those twig hairpins are the cutest!

  7. what lovely finds! i love the little scent package, the labels are extra pretty and i am sure they smell nice too :)

  8. I purchased those sample vials awhile ago, and love them. Very unique scents! My favorite are Winter Kitty and Sweet Androgyny. Great finds!

  9. wow, that mobile is amazing! and i love the twig hair pins, they are perfect for spring. thanks for introducing me to some new favorites!

  10. Great featurtes! I especially like the mobile :)

  11. I bought a single bird mobile from Baby Jives at the Germantown Craft fair!
    Love it, might be my new go-to baby gift location!

    I have Woodland Belle as one of my Etsy favorites already! I love the plant necklaces!

  12. oooh those hair pins are so adorable! following your blog now :)


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