Friday, March 4, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 3/4

I have had my eye on PersephonePlus's store for ages now.  Every single time I think I found the perfect piece I want to get, I find 6 other things that begging to be bought as well.  The store is filled with imaginative and exquisitely crafted jewelry, which are the perfect blend of femininity and cheek.  I mean, how can you not love a store that has Anais Nin and Henry Miller earrings? And features Madam de Pompadour, Lillian Gish and Elizabeth the 1st?

Shabby Chic Rose and Crown Pendant Necklace (with earrings) by PersephonePlus - $60

There is something so wistful and ethereal about this print by ThisYearsGirl.  There is a story to be told, and this is just a glimpse of it.  The artist uses photo manipulation to create a shop that is full of arresting images that are all tiny slivers of dreams. 
Merry Go Round (8*8 print) by ThisYearsGirl - $22.50

It is that time of year when everyone seems to be getting married (Congrats, Jason and Laura) or having children (Chance is so cute, Shayne!).  So, I am always looking for an unique gift to give aside from the normal money,clothing or diapers cakes.  I wish I had found San Jose Engraving earlier, because these might just become my go-to gift.  Joanne & Tony Cheng  specialize in custom engraving on natural rocks, glass and wood, but I am especially fond of the Mother's Nest Line.

Mom's Nest (c) - set of 3 stones in bird nest by SJEngraving - $38.00

Certain men of my acquaintance have recently complained that Lulu shows no love to the Male gender.  I do bow to this point and offer up this great little old fashion shaving kit from Dirty Deeds Soaps.  It comes with a  a wooden soap dish, handmade beer soap, brush, and shave card with instructions on how to have a classic shave.  And, I swear this isn't a hint about getting rid of that winter beard that you love so much.

Wooden Men's Shave Set by DirtyDeedsSoaps - $20

I never thought to buy anything edible from Etsy.  Vintage shoes, a hand painted canvas, sure, but food never crossed my mind.  But more and more, I am seeing wonderful epicurean delights showing up on Treasury after Treasury.  So, I am going to take the plunge - and I think these truffles from Xocolatl Chocolates might have to be my first purchase. Chocolatier Esther Aguirre blends rich dark chocolate with just a dash of sweet rosewater in these made-to-order Truffles. She can also make them Vegan.  Yum!

Dark Chocolate Rose Water Truffles (16 pieces)  by EstherAguirre - $11.50

All images courtesy of their respective owners


  1. Oooh, I love the merry go round photo--gorgeous!

  2. Great picks. I love that merry go round print too. Think I used it in a treasury once. Actually, looking through your blog, I think we have really similar tastes; I'm gonna follow you:)

    Thanks for the rec on grooveshark. I haven't tried it yet but will definitely check it out. I've discovered I really like making playlists.

  3. Oh I am love with ALL of those items! What fabulous finds!! I think I might need a nest of name eggs!

    And YAY! to another Meg mystery reader! <3!! Such fun stories!

  4. Wonderful fins, I'm happy to be included here!


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