Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Diner Melamine Tableware by Bob's Your Uncle

There was a diner about an hour from me that I absolutely loved. Not that the food was really that great (I learned the hard way to avoid the Tuna Melt at all cost), but because it hadn't been touched since 1958. It had the same red vinyl booths, the same chipped Formica tables, and the same beat up sign hanging out front with missing bulbs. I think even the same bleach blond waitress was still there from opening day (she was straight out of central casting). It was a left over from a different era and I loved it. So you can imagine my dismay when the last time I took the drive out, and saw it was completely demolished and that a fast food joint was being built on the site. 

Martin and Michele Yeeles over at Bob’s Your Uncle, seem love vintage diners as much as I do.  Through Martin's photography, they have captured some iconic diner images on great line of melamine tableware.

Diner Plate Set (4) - $40

Signs Plate Set (4) - $40

In and Out Tray Set - $20

Wash soap dish - $10

There is also a kid's matching game, kitchen towels and letter press coasters featuring  Martin's photographic homage to diners.

Bob's your Uncle also carries a great line of journals, stationary and day planners. 

All images courtesy of Bob's Your Uncle


  1. That In & Out tray set is great! My husband loves In-N-Out Burger, so perhaps I need to buy him a little present...

  2. Those are fun!
    They really are the perfect images to remind you of those retro diners.

  3. These are so beautiful!!
    I love them!

  4. Oh wow!! These are incredible! What an amazing idea! Love them so much.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. These are marvelous! Great blog you have here!


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