Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Momma's got a brand new (lunch) bag.

 It is happening at lunch rooms all over this planet. People are standing in front of large refrigerators trying to find their lunch, lost in a sea of anonymous plastic grocery store bags. You dig and you poke, all the while getting the evil eye from Earl in accounting, who will take you down hard if you dare touch his cream cheese and onion sandwich (as if, Earl, as if).

Why don’t you ditch the plastic bags (and do a big solid for the environment - Americans throw away almost 100 billion plastic bags every year, and only 1 percent to 3 percent are ever recycled) and make sure your lunch stands out in the crowd with one of these great reusable lunch bags.

Rebel Green believes strongly in good enviromental practices and judging by their spunky line of lunch totes, good design practices as well. 

Rebel Green "Bad Habit" lunch tote - $24

So Young Mother has a great selection of stylish lunch totes, but the Vespa caught my eye right away.

Insulated Cooler Bag by So Young Mom - $27.95

If you are like me and always leave your lunch sitting on the counter - this canvas bag from Miss Natalie is a no brainer.  Now if it would only remind me where I left the car keys.

"Don't forget me" Canvas lunch bag by MissNatalie - $17

Give your lunch a retro feel with All-Pop's Oilcloth lunch bags.  They offer four or five great print choices, but we couldn't keep away from the Strawberry.

All-Pop's Oilcloth Lunch Sack - $10

If your lunch bag declares itself as yummy, does that mean your leftovers taste better?  Who cares - at least with this Blue Q Yum Sandwich bag, your coworkers will think so.

Yum Sandwich by Blue Q - $9.99

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