Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skeem Silk Screened Candles

It seems like such a waste.  You buy a candle because you love the scent, but are usually left with a plain white glass container that has zero style.  It just sits there - like a blank canvas, boring. Sure, any candle can smell good, but wouldn't it be a treat to have a candle look as great as it smells?

Well - let me introduce you to Skeem Candles.

New Skeem Half Pints (Midnight Orchid, Tea Leaf, White Lotus, Grapefruit Zest)- $14

Graphic designer Geoff Weiser and former retail buyer, Suji Meswani, are the co-owners of Skeem Candles. Prior to launching the Skeem brand in 2004, this Philadelphia based husband and wife team, did more than a year of research and development to perfect the wax formulation, develop the scents and colors and, of course, create the candles themselves.

Skeem recently introduced three new scents in their Pillar line; Flower Market (fresh cut Jasmine and Rose, with fruit and cedar), Green Tomato Vine (Vines in the warm sun) and Single Malt (Peat and Smoke). 

Flower Market - $23

Green Tomato Vine - $23

Single Malt  - $23
 What is so wonderful about Skeem's candles (aside from the scents, which are complex and lovely without being overpowering) is the fact that the containers are so beautifully designed and reusable. Each glass jar is silk-screened and topped with a printed metal lid with images inspired by vintage fabrics and wallpaper patterns.

Once the candle is burnt ( pillars average 90 hours), just remove the wax and you have a luxe vase. Or drinking glass. Or change holder - the possibilies are endless.

Skeem also offers three-wick candles, matches and compacts.
All images courtesy of Skeem Candles


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