Friday, February 11, 2011

Etsy Friday Five

Doing research for this blog, I have been roaming all over the Internet. I end up on Etsy a lot because it truly is a wonderful source to find Indie designers and artists. I love the idea of a global marketplace for them and feel strongly about supporting artists directly.

So, every Friday, Lulu Grey is going to have an Esty Friday Five. Just five things I found that make me smile.

These did today...Illustrator Sophie Blackall finds inspiration in online "Missed Connection" ads and uses them as a basis for her witty artwork.

Burlap Pillows take on a certain Joie de vivre, over at Jolie Marche, when dressed up in fine vintage prints. Your couch will be so jealous.

I love the idea of a love note lasting forever. Rachel Hunnicutt at Cornflower Blue Studios can help ensure this with her hand embroidered notepaper note. She will personalize it for you, so your message can live on. 

Personalized Hand Embroidered Notebook Paper Note by Cornflower Blue Studio - $20

I have just the place in my home for this cunning little wall vase from Rick and Liz over at Old New Again. It comes in a wide range of colors, but I am fond of the navy.  Toss in your keys, a candle or a bloom from the garden, it will all look great.

Wood Cottage Vase by Old New Again - $20

You know Elizabeth Bennet would ditch the corset in a heartbeat  and slip into this delightful tee-shirt if she could.  Brooke, over at Brookish, had a great line of Austen inspired items that are all together clever and not a bit insipid. Mr. Darcy would approve.

Pemberley scoop neck tshirt by Brookish - $22

All images courtesy of their respective owners


  1. the notebook note is really sweet....

  2. I LOVE that embroidered notebook page!

  3. Love the public library illustration!


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