Friday, February 25, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 2/26

I can't believe it is Friday again.  This week flew by at such a fast pace.  I hope you like today's round-up, I had fun with it.

I am in love with Madewithlovebyhannah's creations.  Not only are they colorful and totally eye-catching, but she sized them up to a 3x, so curvy girls can get in on the fun too.  Hannah screen-prints her folksy designs herself, and also has some adorable tee-shirts.   I warn you now – once you go into her store, you will have trouble picking just one item to get.  At least, I did.

I will confess, I have a mouth like a trucker.  I read all the time and have an extensive vocabulary, but often, I end up sounding like Lenny Bruce.  I don’t know if I can blame my construction worker father (Hi Dad) or growing up watching Kevin Smith movies, but yeah – I can run a bit blue.   Which is why I adore the spunky bespectacled Penelope on this magnet by Simplycutebykarin – I can totally relate.  Plus – she is just f****ng cute.

These vintage pop art tumblers at Corrnucopia are almost too cute to drink from. I can picture using them as vases with brightly color tulips, or hanging on out a kitchen ledge bring a bright pop of color.  If you are going to use them to drink – I think they will accept no less then neon colored orange soda…or grape…or maybe some cherry Kool-aid.  Now I am thirsty.

Vintage Pop Art Mod Flower Tumbler Glasses from Corrnucopia - $24

Today seems to be all about color, and I am in love with the bright green of these dipping bowls by Hope Johnson.  Use them for olive oil, or nuts or any little nibble you want to put out.  Just be prepared for your guests to be licking the plate clean to get a better look at the great design. 

Dipping dish - ginkgo in chartreuse (listing is for one plate) by Hopejohnson - $24

I lose my keys.  I wouldn't say everyday - but once we found them in the freezer.  Yeah - so that is why I am really digging these key/accessory hangers from Thejarcollection.  They are a stylish way to keep organized and I know for me, will save me from many "Well - where did you leave them" conversations with my husband.

*** Katie at the Jar Collection emailed me about a special deal.  They will be offering a 15% discount on ALL purchases this month. Buyers just need to enter coupon code FEB15 at checkout. ***

Set of 2 Jewelry / Accessory Hangers by thejarcollection - $24

All images courtesy of their respective owners


  1. GASP!!! I LOVE that skirt!!!!!

  2. Absolutely Honored to be here among such talent ~ love love madewithlovebyhannah's skirts and simplycutebykarin is fabulous, don't get me started about my love for all things ginkgo!

    Thanks so much!

  3. Oooh!! I like all of these! Must. Avoid. Spending!


    (waving at you from the Etsy Blog Team)

  4. I'd love the skirt and the glasses! Thanks for visiting my time travelling blog!;)

  5. Great picks! I do the same kind of round up on my blog. It's window shopping and a way to express a desire to spend lots of money without actually spending lots of money!

  6. I've always LOVED madewithlovebyhannah. You've inspired me to check out her stuff again and consider picking up one of her skirts!

  7. I love the print of that skirt! And high fives for kevin Smith movies! : )

  8. Thanks for visiting and saying Hi!!

    The Potty Mouth Girl Magnet made me laugh. How cute!

    Love your space here and will come back soon!
    Have a great weekend!!

  9. I want all of these!
    Typo? Fast Past=fast pace.

  10. Great finds! I've done that keys-in-the-freezer thing too. Must have gone to take something out and put them down, but it was quite a surprise to find them there.

  11. The skirt is so cute1 Wish I could sew like that!

  12. You cannot imagine how much I love the dipping dishes, yes, exactly these, I have favorited them on etsy weeks ago and keep on looking at them :)


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