Friday, February 18, 2011

Etsy Friday Five - 2/18

These airy earrings from Taylorseclectic remind me of laying on the grass and staring up at the perfect summer sky.  While on first glance, they appear to be glass, they are actually made of paper.  But don't worry about having to be extra careful with wear and tear - due to the artist's crafting methods, these will wear like normal earrings.

Nebulous Earrings by Tayloreclectic - $24

If you take a more organized approach to your gardening then the throw seeds on the ground and see what takes hold method, these plant markers made from vintage silver plated spoons can add elegance while delineating.  Owner, Kerrie Balma, allows for customization - pick the herbs to match what is planted in your garden. 

Vintage Silverware Garden Marker set by Wooden Hive - $24

My little girl turned three last week and she has been obsessed with bunnies since she was about 6 months old.  While looking for a print for her new "Big Girl" rabbit-themed bedroom, I found this piece by Emily Martin (Black Apple).  It reminds me so much of Bella, it is uncanny.

Two of a Kind (8*10 Print ) by The Black Apple - $16

I am getting so tired of sweaters and layers and bundling up.  I want to wear something flirty and feminine and you can't get much more feminine then this Chiffon Marie Antoinette Dress from River of Romansk.  Everything about this dress is lovely and it should be living in my closet.

Marie Antoinette Dress (fits sizes 2-10) by River of Romansk - $44.80

 Beer and Antique Cameras are two of my favorite things. And won't they come together nicely with these screen printed pint glasses by Vital?

Set of two screen printed Pint glasses by Vital - $20

All images courtesy of their respective owners.


  1. I love the Vintage Spoons! They are awesome! Lovely Blog :)!!

  2. I really want that dress! I saw your post on etsy's Fun and Friends promotion team and I would love to be featured on your blog. Take a look at my shop on etsy called livjewellery and see if you think my work would be a good fit. Thanks! Jen

  3. Wow, some wonderful finds!! Love them all, but the spoons are fabulous (I love growing herbs - and cooking with 'em!) and I really wish I could wear that dress, I love grey...

    Like Liv I also design & handcraft jewelry, and if any of my pieces fit your theme, I would love to be featured! FlauntDesignsJewelry on Etsy, will post in your thread, too... ♥

  4. What a wonderful montage I love them all! I particularly love the camera in a shot glass.

  5. I'm loving your blog! You're like my own personal shopper! I can't wait to see what else you post.

  6. Gorgeous picks! I love Taylor Eclectic, there are some really unique pieces in her shop!

  7. Hi Lulu, I love that dress and what a great price. Love that it's named Marie Antoinette because I'm totally obsessed with her. Found you on Etsy Team Blog!

  8. Hi Lulu, found you following someone who is following me. Great way to find great blogs. These spoons and that dress are gorgeous. So much to look at on your blog.


  9. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments - you made my day. I am glad you are enjoying the finds.

    For those of you that have stores, I will be checking them out. Thanks for stopping by.


Thank you so much for leaving a comment. You have made my day - Lulu.

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