Friday, April 8, 2011

Lulu's Etsy Friday Five 4/8

Happy Friday, All! I hope everyone is amping up for a great weekend.  Mine is going to be full of family, cooking and some vintage shopping, so I am a happy girl.

This week’s Friday Five was inspired by a friend of mine who complained that Lulu doesn’t feature enough fashion. I took up that challenge and found five great designers/vintage sellers this week.

I really adore Liz Spencer’s (aiguilleetfil) use of color and symmetry.  Her designs feel really fresh and modern.  The tunic below really caught my eye, but there are several pieces that I could have featured that are just as great.

Walter Gropius geometric tunic shirtdress by  aiguilleetfil  - $100

This seems to be the season for the statement necklace, and Angie Johnson over at Norwegian Wood has some stunning options.  I think this fringe necklace would be perfect with a simple white tank and dark jeans.   Johnson doesn’t just design accessories, she also has some fab fashion pieces, including a line of eye-catching leggings.

There is nothing about this vintage 60’s mod dress that I don’t love.  It is simple and classic, but can be styled in so many different ways, that you will never run out of possible ways to wear it.   Enid and Edgar is one of my favorite Vintage stores on Etsy.  Their selection is always top notch and I find myself bookmarking them just about every week.

Vintage 60s Ivory Shimmer and Shine Mod Mini Dress by Enid and Edgar - $68

I love an occasion to dress up, skirts and dress and high heels.  But lately, my go-to feel pretty outfit really is a well-fitting pair of dark jeans and a great top.  Which is why this Teacher's Pet Bib shirt by Minxshop makes me so happy.  I love the  feminine vintage detailing and the cut of this top.  It is simple and chic and should be living in my closet.

Teacher's Pet Bib shirt by Minxshop  - $80

Clean, Elegant, Sexy – those three words pretty much sum up Lamixx’s shop.  Her pieces are timeless without looking dated.   Pull ten pieces from her collection and you will have the basis for a classic wardrobe that would take you through countless seasons.  This dress below is so luxe and I adore the simple lines.
Sweet and sexy classic adorned boatneck dress by Lamixx - $44

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All images courtesy of their respective owners


  1. i love love that statement necklace!

  2. Love everything from the Enid and Edgar photo... It's exactly my style!
    The Minxshop shirt too –I would wear it everywhere!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my necklace!

  4. Really great picks:) Enid and Edgar and Minxshop have been in my favorites for a while; they have lovely stuff. Will have to check out the other shops:)

  5. This is a great selection!
    I liked them all!

  6. Wow! What lovely picks, it makes us smile to be a part of your friday 5! And ... that fringe necklace is quite fabulous!

    you have a new follower here. thanks for helping us find you!

  7. You've found some wonderful fashion to feature.

  8. I love the first dress, and the cool tights with the boots on the 3rd photo. Great picks!


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