Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Showers brings Great Shopping....

April showers bring May flowers....and a chance to do some shopping.  Stuck inside on a rainy day?  Here are 16 fab floral picks to spend a little time with. 

1. Mini Snapdragons from Potting Shed Creations - $8.00 2. Florapolooza Vase by Red Hot Pottery - $54 3. Out on a Limb Cherry Blossom Necklace by Block Party Press - $55 4. Tapestry Storage Container Set by French Bull - $32 5. Cherry Blossom Market Tote by Modernest - $18 6. Anais Bloom 14x14 Giclee by Papaya Art - $48 7. Butterflies Limited Edition Print by Sabinar - $40

1. Dumpling by Laura George - $15 2. One Spring Day by Yoote - $25 3. Secret Garden Embroidered Book Cover for Penguin Books by Jillian Tamaki (Not yet available for Sale) 4. Tea Mugs by Claire Coles - £25.00  5. Rose Wellies from Victorian Trading Company - $49.95 6. Breathe Eau de Parfume by Lollia - $46 7. Rob Ryan Umbrella from Bloomsbury Store - $22.99 8. Baby's Breath Ring by Ruche - $35.99 9. Fox in the Flowers Bath Bomb by Lush - $6.00

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  1. awe i love the prints in both your sets! so pretty :) i love spring, everything out there is covered in color and flowers!

  2. What a great collection!
    My favorite is #6!

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Oh man, absolutely gorgeous! I especially love that girl with the butterflies print! Definitely going to check out some links!

  4. I really like the tapestry containers and the spring day print!
    Great finds.

  5. Lots of good stuff here. I especially like the prints by Laura George and Yoote. Thanks for the intro:)

  6. I want that tote (#5 in the first collection)! It makes me think about farmers markets which are soooo sooooon!!!


  7. Second Collection #2 & #3 The best. Love the colors and this book cover is just one in a series of three! I HAVE to buy Black Beauty! this fall...

    Thanks for more great finds!

    PS Cherry Blossoms are my favorite! (Collection 1, #5)

  8. Love that florapalooza vase. Great picks!


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